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Course: The Complete Course on Management & Leadership

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The Course

Demands to increase effectiveness and efficiency on leaders and managers in today’s current business environment are more prevalent than ever before. A person can become more effective and efficient if they have the desire and willpower to make changes in their work behavior. Certain leadership and management principles, however, must be learned and practiced and these principles do not come naturally. A person learns and develops skills in these areas through a never ending process of self-study, education, training and experience. In a fast paced, continual changing world, personal development is an effective practice a manager must possess to sharpen the wide variety of skills needed to carry out responsibilities and successfully accomplish the organisation’s goals.

The purpose of this comprehensive Complete Course on Management and Leadership is to assist persons at all levels in developing or enhancing their ability to lead and manage and achieve extraordinary results. The complete course is designed to be consists of two separate, but closely interrelated modules on management and leadership. It provides practical skills to take back to the job, along with insights needed to adapt principles to specific work environments.

  • Principles of self management
  • Productive and empowering leadership
  • In-depth examination of the key issues of people leadership, organizational excellence, conflict management
  • Principles of productive teamwork and interpersonal interaction
  • Creative problem solving

The Structure

Module 1 - The Complete Course on Management

Module 2 - The Complete Course on Leadership

The Goals

This program aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide proven methods and cutting edge techniques for taking managerial performance to a higher level
  • Enhance skills and abilities which can be put to immediate use in the workplace
  • Articulate an understanding of the role of management and leadership in one’s business
  • Identify best management and leadership practices
  • Understand management and leadership and its role in the development of successful organizations

The Delegates

The course is designed for anyone who desires to demonstrate enhanced management and leadership in their work, whether a coordinator, engineer or manager in any sector of industry and/or business, including the service industry. The course is appropriate for those who have some management experience and wish to enhance leadership skills or those who desire to learn leadership skills to better manage the people in their work.

  • Business leaders expected to develop and supervise employees and others through implementing managerial criteria
  • Make decisive decisions within the organization that effect productivity and the bottom line
  • Employees needing to accelerate growth and achieve critical business success

The Process

This course is an interactive mixture of presentations, discussion, group activities, videos and practice on management and leadership skills. It provides definitions, examples, discussion and activities designed to promote skill building with interaction and discussion among participants. Activities and work on examples and role-playing are used to highlight concepts taught and allow participants to practice new skills.

The Benefits

Following completion of this unit, you will know how to:

  • Allow managers to possess more skills in a wide variety of managerial areas
  • Allow managers to be more effective in attaining organizational objectives
  • Develop skills in interpersonal interaction to practice leadership principles
  • Develop an awareness to realize which techniques are the most effective in any given situation
  • Add personal value and competency for an organizational leader

The Results

  • Accomplish strategic change in an organization in a more productive manner
  • Establish organizational and personal decision making capabilities based on leadership principles
  • Provide opportunities for organisational analysis and the creation of organizational

development plans

  • Improve business performance by learning productive, effective and efficient skills
  • Enhance leadership techniques to do work productively with others

The Core Competencies

  • Organisational Performance and Excellence Standards
  • Strategic Leadership and Conflict Management
  • Communication and Interpersonal Leadership
  • Change Leadership and Creative Problem Solving
  • Diversity Understanding

The Programme Content

Module 1:
The Complete Course on Management

The Foundation of Management

  • Understanding what courage really is
  • Having the courage to know yourself
  • Choosing the right management style
  • Putting yourself on the line-taking responsibility
  • Overcoming limiting thoughts and behaviors
  • Having the courage to turn your ideas into action

Dealing with Workplace Conflict

  • Defining organisational conflict
  • Understanding the causes of conflict
  • The Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument
  • Dealing with different learning styles
  • Managing conflict effectively
  • Obtaining the benefits of productive disagreement

Managing Organisational Improvement

  • Focusing on continuous improvement
  • Malcolm Baldrige assessment criteria
  • The role of organisational culture
  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • Coping with risk and risk avoidance
  • Measuring the success of improvement efforts

Leading Motivated Teams

  • Characteristics of effective teams
  • Characteristics of ineffective teams
  • Managing the factors affecting team performance
  • Supporting team development
  • Understanding team member styles
  • Enhancing team member competencies

Effective Problem Solving

  • Balancing analytical and creative thinking
  • Effective use of mind mapping
  • Capturing the power of brainstorming
  • Breaking the ten mental locks
  • The four roles of the problem solving process
  • Treating problems as challenges

Module 2:
The Complete Course on Leadership

Leadership Roles in our Dynamic, Changing Work Culture

  • Introduction to leadership and the course
  • Identification of strategic principles of leadership skills
  • Challenges leaders face in changing organizations
  • Conditions in the changing culture that require leadership
  • The role of leadership in strategic thinking organizations
  • Understanding the role of organizational change in leadership

Leadership in Organizational Excellence

  • The role that organization type plays in leadership development
  • Developing a culture of organizational excellence in our work environments
  • Questioning the status quo of productive organizations
  • Leaders modeling the way through personal execution
  • Developing a concept of leadership excellence and customer focus
  • The components of change by implementing a new culture

Open Communication as a Key Leadership Principle

  • Importance of leadership and communication methods
  • Interpersonal, open communication is two-way
  • Understanding how interpersonal communication preferences differ
  • Communicating empowerment techniques in leadership
  • Leaders need to develop an active listening communication style
  • Communication and interaction openness develops trust

Leadership Resulting from Trusting Interpersonal Relationships

  • Successful interpersonal interaction develops leaders with trust
  • Characteristics of a leader’s interpersonal interaction
  • Identification of the personal interaction style
  • Individual strengths and challenges of each interpersonal styles
  • Understanding how people work better together using diverse interaction styles
  • Leadership is establishing trust in interpersonal relationships

Developing an Environment of Innovation and Dealing with Reactions to Change

  • Understanding the leadership benefits of an environment of innovation and improvement
  • Leadership in developing a personal change plan
  • Understanding problems inherent with change
  • Leading others through critical change initiatives
  • Preparing other people for leadership
  • Further readings for sharpening leadership skills

The European Quality Center adopts modern methods of training and development and raising the efficiency of human resources development, so we follow:

  • Theoretical lectures through PowerPoint presentations and Visual presentations (videos and short films).
  • Scientific evaluation for the trainee (pre & post-evaluation).
  • Brainstorming, application and representation of roles.
  • Practical situations that are appropriate to the scientific material and with the nature of the work of trainees.
  • Tests at the end of the course.
  • The participant receives the scientific and practical material for the training program printed and saved on CD or Flash Memory.
  • Attendance reports for participants and final results reports with general evaluation of the program.
  • The scientific material of the training program is prepared in a scientific and professional manner, this is done by the best professors and trainers in all fields and all specialties.
  • At the end of the program, the trainee will receive a certificate of professional attendance, signed and certified by the European Quality Center for Training, Development and Consulting.
  • Opening hours from 9 am to 2 pm, the program includes a snack buffet during the lectures.
  • Daily buffet food throughout the days of the training program, with a closing lunch on the last day of the training program for the distribution of certificates and commemorative photographs to the attendees
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