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Course: Advanced Internal Communication

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  • This course covers employee communications from strategy to execution.
  • You will learn best practice in building internal communication strategies that raise motivation, productivity and collaboration.
  • You will build a toolkit of techniques for internal campaigns as well as everyday employee engagement, including online innovations.

Who should attend:

This course is recommended for managers, executives, communication and PR professionals required to design, manage or evaluate internal communications strategies, campaigns or activities.

This course covers the following modules:

  • Principles of internal communication
  • Internal communication strategy and planning
  • Internal communication platforms and channels
  • Internal communication campaigns and programms

About this course:

  • This course comprises eight modules each covering a set of key concepts and skills,
  • best practice and key concepts are covered, followed by stimulating learning activities like workshops, discussions, case studies.

After this course you will be able to:

  • Define and articulate the strategic principles and rational for internal communications
  • Create an internal communication strategy for your organisation
  • Design organisational systems and a practical action plan for internal communication
  • Deploy internal communication across all of the key channels and platforms using a toolbox of techniques
  • Create, manage and roll out internal communication campaigns and programmes
  • Promote employee engagement and management visibility

Course Objective:

Communication Skills:

  • Understanding how communications work
  • Gaining active listening and responding skills
  • Seeing things from other points of view
  • Managing your assumption more effectively
  • Understanding your own strengths
  • How others may see you
  • Looking at body language
  • Increasing confidence
  • Difficult people or situations
  • Filling up your communications tool kit

Principles of internal communication:

  • Strategic role of internal communications
  • Principles of change management
  • Rationale for investing in internal communications
  • Business benefits
  • Mechanisms through which internal communication adds value: motivation, productivity and knowledge sharing
  • Management visibility
  • Recruitment and retention

Internal communication strategy and planning:

  • Defining your organisation’s value set
  • Aligning internal communications with business goals
  • Organisational models for internal communications
  • Defining goals and objectives for internal communications
  • Internal communications research tools (e.g. employee focus groups and internal surveys.)
  • Evaluating internal communications

Internal communication platforms and channels:

  • Internal communications systems and processes
  • Internal projects and campaigns
  • Newsletters, posters, environmental branding, brand collateral
  • Online internal communications: intranets, internal blogs
  • Face to face: team meetings, staff events etc.

Internal communication campaigns and programmes:

  • Creating and rolling out internal brands
  • Managing internal values campaigns
  • Multimedia internal campaigns including web video
  • Recognition and reward programmes
  • Employee performance showcasing
  • Alignment of internal communications with corporate responsibility
  • Community engagement and volunteering programmes

Internal communication:

  • Core principles and defining concepts that underlie practical and strategic internal communications
  • How to create an internal communication strategy complete with organisational systems and a practical action plan
  • Internal communication platforms and channels: a toolbox of practical internal communication techniques and channels
  • Internal communication campaigns and programmes: a how-to guide to launching internal communication programmes, based on case studies of award-winning campaigns from around the world

Advanced communication strategy:

  • Evidence-based communication strategy: how to measure and prove the value of communication
  • Advanced strategy tools and concepts: specialised techniques for developing complex PR strategies
  • Justifying strategy: securing management support: how to get support from the top for ambitious PR strategies
  • Rolling out and managing a communication strategy: the systematic process of creating and deploying a PR strategy

Advanced communications and PR management:

  • Designing a CSR strategy: the principles and rational for CSR and approaches that you can use to develop an effective strategy for your own organisation
  • Building CSR programmes and campaigns: practical approaches to designing and planning CSR activity


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