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Course: Foster Teamwork & Cooperation Skills

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The Course

The Advanced Teamwork & Cooperation Skills course is designed as a practical programme for delegates to put collaborative methods of teamwork in their organizations and leverage the innovative potential of all members of their teams. In business, teamwork and innovation has become the bedrock of competitive strategy, and a major key to competitive advantage. All organizations today need cooperative teamwork and innovation to survive.


Seeks input and involves others; Uses an empowering, collaborative approach on appropriate issues; fosters collaboration among teams and team members; clarifies the team purpose.

  • Uses a team approach to solve problems when appropriate.
  • Resolves conflict and ambiguity that interferes with team progress.
  • Encourages collaboration within and across groups (e.g., encourages drawing on others’ expertise, sharing best practices).
  • Seeks input and/or involves others in shaping plans that affect them.
  • Helps the team clarify its purpose, direction, and ground rules for working together.
  • Discourages “we vs. they” thinking.

This programme will help you better be able to:

  • Strengthens your leadership collaboration within the company team
  • Understand and help leaders navigate their own personal and interpersonal leader skills
  • Clarify a form of work-based learning that seeks to integrate theory with practice and knowledge with experience
  • Leverages the knowledge of learning in the organization at all levels
  • Develop strategies for using personal leadership power and building strong, mutual influence relationships within your organization

The Goals

Participants attending the programme will:

  • Provide leaders with a series of strategies, activities, and cases at five levels of change: individual, interpersonal, team, organization, and network
  • Discover the core competencies required for exemplary teamwork
  • Examine the ethical aspects of teamwork which drive lasting results
  • Enhance others’ perception of you as a team leaders with integrity
  • Build the right culture for people and processes to support your team
  • Provides a comprehensive ideas on keeping teamwork alive in organizations

The Process

The program is delivered in a highly interactive, hands-on learning style by senior consultants with corporate experience. Many activities will be presented to cause the delegate to engage in and reflect on the information. In addition to trainer-led group discussions, case studies, and learning group exercises, this programme includes experiential learning and other instructional modalities to accommodate a variety of learning styles to improve learning and retention.

The Benefits

  • Substantial increase in motivation and confidence
  • In-depth understanding of the principles and practices of successful office managers
  • More calm and satisfying work life through stress management and self-awareness
  • Greater self-respect and communication impact through learning to speak assertively
  • Overcoming fear of public speaking and creating an effective presentation
  • Knowing how to get organised and stay on top of your tasks and time

The Results

  • Address the leadership strategic challenge in the company
  • Progress into new business initiatives by leveraging leadership opportunities
  • Tests and develops innovative leadership approaches
  • Results in an effective leadership impact that is deeper, faster and more sustainable
  • Develop a business cooperation philosophy with greater knowledge, capabilities and confidence that will impact the organization

The Core Competencies

  • Leverages participants’ expertise and experience
  • Promotes ongoing learning through reflection on experience
  • Provides leadership coaching on personal challenges
  • Enables participants to observe themselves in action and try new behaviors in a safe learning environment
  • Strengthen personal and professional leadership attributes

The Programme Content

Day One :  Dynamics of Teamwork & Innovation

  • The Nature of Innovation
  • The Nature of Innovative Teams
  • The Brain & Learned Behaviors
  • Creativity & Innovative Teams
  • Developing Innovative Team Mindset
  • The Power of Team Collaboration

Day Two : Building Innovative Teamwork

  • Innovative Team Values
  • High Performance Goals and Metrics
  • Organizing Innovative Teams
  • Innovative Team Leadership
  • Designing a Team Building Programme
  • Profiling Team Members

Day Three Creating the Right Environment for Teams

  • Introduction to Advanced Teamwork
  • The Individual Creative Work
  • The New Role of Leadership
  • The Red Quadrant
  • Team Trust Issues
  • Creative Abrasion of Conflict

Day Four : Targeting Team Energy

  • The Difference of Indifference
  • A Team’s Picture of Success
  • Strategic Priority Areas
  • Developing A Clear Consensus
  • The Leader’s Decision Making Process
  • The Power of Accountability

Day Five : Team Cooperation Skills

  • Team Gatherings
  • Team Decisions
  • Product Performance
  • Creating Team Environments
  • Value-Added Activities
  • Inner Team Conflict


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