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Course: Project Leadership

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The early development of project management focused heavily on techniques such as the planning and control of large, multi-functional, multi-organisational projects. Whilst these activities remain central to professional project management, the leadership role of the project professional has been increasingly recognised as a key determinant in delivering success.

This programme focuses on the leadership skills needed in project situations, where tight budgets and deadlines demand high levels of performance from a team that is frequently changing and where the working environment presents fresh challenges on a daily basis.


  • understand the significance of leadership skills to the project professionals and the impact of these skills on project performance
  • review the key skills needed to be an effective, 'multi-dimensional' project leader and learn how to develop, adapt and apply them in practice
  • learn how to identify the preferred leadership style for the context and organisational culture of a project and how to develop personal style versatility
  • understand the role of the project leader in building an effective team and the skills required to promote and sustain team performance
  • gain a better understanding of the interpersonal skills needed to motivate individual team members and harness the full potential of the team


Participants will learn through a range of teaching and personal development methods including presentations, tutorials, real life case studies, worked examples, short team exercises and video presentations. Active participation and involvement will be encouraged throughout the programme to promote the sharing of ideas and expertise within the group.


This programme aims to help attendees understand the essence of leadership and how to maximise their own leadership potential. Participants will gain valuable insights, models and methods of leadership that will help them develop the leadership skills needed to develop and sustain high performance project teams.


DAY 1 - Project management and leadership

  • what is a leader? how much can leadership be learned?
  • the project environment and the impact of leadership skills
  • the characteristics of high performance project teams and their leaders
  • some useful models and theories of leadership explored
  • types of leadership; choosing how use leadership power
  • evaluating personal leadership style; how to develop style flexibility

DAY 2 - Essential skills for the project leaders

  • 3 key dimensions of project leadership: inwards, outwards and upwards
  • developing a 'project vision': strategic thinking skills
  • the vital role of communication skills and how to develop them
  • understanding others; emotional intelligence skills
  • being a visible leader; behavioural and influencing skills
  • building effective relationships; the importance of trust and respect

DAY 3 -  Leading the project team

  • the role of leadership in developing team performance
  • understanding individuals in the team; recognising team role preferences
  • managing conflict and promoting positive team dynamics
  • setting standards, maintaining discipline and rewarding performance
  • harnessing team potential: building motivation within the team
  • promoting team learning; the team leader as coach/mentor

DAY 4 - Leading across organisational boundaries, internal and external

  • gaining the support of other leaders; developing effective influencing skills
  • getting empowerment from key stakeholders
  • knowing when and how to take the initiative and lead
  • building and maintaining rapport with key partners
  • becoming an effective team player in leadership teams
  • becoming a business leader and leading other leaders

DAY 5 - Leading more senior stakeholders

  • the challenges and skills of leading and managing upwards
  • communicating with senior stakeholders; building credibility
  • essential negotiation skills; knowing when and how to negotiate
  • the role of networking skills; building and sustaining rapport
  • handling disagreements between senior stakeholders; the art of diplomacy
  • handling personality and style conflicts with more senior people

The European Quality Center adopts modern methods of training and development and raising the efficiency of human resources development, so we follow:

  • Theoretical lectures through PowerPoint presentations and Visual presentations (videos and short films).
  • Scientific evaluation for the trainee (pre & post-evaluation).
  • Brainstorming, application and representation of roles.
  • Practical situations that are appropriate to the scientific material and with the nature of the work of trainees.
  • Tests at the end of the course.
  • The participant receives the scientific and practical material for the training program printed and saved on CD or Flash Memory.
  • Attendance reports for participants and final results reports with general evaluation of the program.
  • The scientific material of the training program is prepared in a scientific and professional manner, this is done by the best professors and trainers in all fields and all specialties.
  • At the end of the program, the trainee will receive a certificate of professional attendance, signed and certified by the European Quality Center for Training, Development and Consulting.
  • Opening hours from 9 am to 2 pm, the program includes a snack buffet during the lectures.
  • Daily buffet food throughout the days of the training program, with a closing lunch on the last day of the training program for the distribution of certificates and commemorative photographs to the attendees
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