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Our vision:

The vision of the European Quality Center is to be pioneers in excellence and innovation , and prepare future leaders in various fields through oriented training and educational programs, and meet the training and individual developmental needs by offering professional and integrated high quality training courses ,seminars , conferences and workshops, that we believe can be achieved through active participation with authorities in government sector and key people in private sector to attain the cultural development of human resources ,so we are keen to be and remain superiors in training and advisory services at the local level and the Arab World .


Our mission:

Our mission at the European Quality Center is to provide dedicated set of specialized expertise and trainings through distinguished and reputable consultants and coaches from the region and foreigners whom gained their expertise from direct contact with global institutions and professional bodies, And to do our best to provide the best quality services in the field of training and consultations to Arab institutions in professional manner, using modern and advanced technologies.


 Our values ​​: 

We at European Quality Center believe that quality and providing high quality service to our customers comes first, while honesty, perfection, collective values ​​and practical guidance to the process of training are our core values that we are committed to, ​​as a part of our social responsibility toward society and building a learning environment in the long run


Our policy:

The European Quality Center policy for training and development designed to realize the best scientific and practical outcomes for our trainees in the different sectors (government - private - Industrial - Commercial - service - professional ... etc.) to ensure that they can utilize their skills, qualities and capabilities to keep pace with the rapid global and work environment changes


Our approach:

Our straightforward approach in the European Quality Center is based on (1) understanding the needs of our customers, following their demands, and deal with those demands as a matter of high importance and work to meet these demands in highly professional manner. (2) Decisions making based on a clear strategy of appointing the right people to implement and follow up the implementation of those decisions (3) set realistic and achievable objectives, and (4) take advantage of our experiences and the experiences of others.


Our instructors:

Our scientifically and professionally qualified specialists are selected according to approved preset standards, including:

Scientific Degree, specialty, certification, practical experience, skills, distinctive training capabilities, reputation, accomplishments and contributions scientific capacity, capacity for creativity and innovation.

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